Morocco was an amazing change of pace from London and the other European trips I’ve done. Starting out in Taghazout, had a week of fun waves and amazing weather before moving onto Marrakech, with a week of markets, kasbahs, tagines, mountains, snow, camels and the desert. Morocco has a lot to offer, full of culture, varying landscapes and loads of activities to get amongst. Again was slack on the photos! Thanks to Caylie and Joel for providing some of the below :)


Needless to say I’ve been pretty slack on taking photos since I’ve come to Europe. Ireland, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany….they’ve all missed the cut. Taking the DSLR for weekend trips was too much of a hassle, so I have since downgraded to my Iphone and a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition (which I’m still sorting how to use). Hopefully I’ll be a bit more active on this front come the two month long summer jaunt!


Grand Canyon

Coachella 2013

Taken from Iphone, hopefully some proper shots to follow! The most insane time, I thoroughly recommend it to everyone!


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